Charlotte’s dramatic writing is existential in theme and absurdist in form. In her semi-abstract experimental plays, the central theme (with a few exceptions) is a transformative process,  exploring agency and performative action, and its relation to repressive, yet change-inducing structures. It encompasses an existential, absurdist and in the main feminist playwriting, drawing influences from playwrights such as Gombrowicz, Churchill, Ionesco and Beckett, as well as performance art and modern explorative dance.

Charlotte’s plays have been featured in staged readings and performances in Chicago, as well as in New York, Seattle, Kansas City, San Fransisco, among others. Please see here for a full resume.


Main theme for this unruly and absurdist play is the liberation of the suppressed female voice and spirit. An intense process portrayed through the main character LUCE. The further the play, the further down LUCE’s dark suppressed psyche – a blocked yet intense inner world full of painful memories and feelings, portrayed by rest of cast. FULL-LENGTH (2F, 1NB, 2M)

D and K are the two cellmates engaged in this experimental, immersive feminist play. It’s a highly intense drama featuring a total of 5 charismatic characters. All, in some way or another, involved in shaping, and deeply influencing, the protagonist D’s confined life in a prison cell. FULL-LENGTH (2F, 1F/NB, 2M)

Four stage workers are busy dismantling the stage decor for the supposed to be, but never was, sauna. This is not the first time their efforts result in nothing, only this time they start to question the meaning of it all. Why build only to tear down? Yes, why not put a final end to it? SHORT (4 F/NB/M)

Four female miners give voice to their endless struggle of digging the mine. Abstract, talking choir format. Available in radio format. SHORT (4F/NB)

This play depicts the ten preparatory years preceding Hilma af Klint taking on what would be her life’s work of abstract, visionary paintings. “The Five” was a group of five women who met every other week for ten years to communicate and take messages from spirits on the other side, “The High Masters”. This play centers on these consequential séances. SHORT (5F)

For access to above plays please log on to NPX or contact Charlotte directly.